A1 Protective Services has over 400 BSIS approved licensed security officers throughout the state of California. We have an extensive on-call roster of security personnel.  Meeting and exceeding the expectations and requirements of our clients is our #1 priority.  Our management team and company organizational structure is capable of effectively taking on any size project within the State of California within a 30-day notice of contract award or less. 

Our internal management team consists of:

  • Director of Security / Lead Security Consultant
  • Quality Control / Project Management
  • Field Operations Management / Scheduling / Patrol Supervision / Rovers
  • Accounting / Bookkeeper / Customer Service Liaison 

We provide a Customer Service Liaison and Account Representative to every client.  We pride ourselves on having a lean organizational structure, offering our clients a direct line of communication to management, and we’re always prepared to meet out clients needs. 

We provide around-the-clock officer dispatch. We have 24-hour roving patrol supervision on duty 365 days a year.  Our roving patrol supervision is 1-to-7 ratios for every site we are contracted to secure. A1 Protective Services is a retired police and military managed company. 

We guaranteed competitive pricing to fit your budget.  We have been highly recognized as a leader in the private security industry.  Our expertise and integrity are responsible for the growth and success of our organization.

Key Services

  • Plain-Clothed Security Guards
  • Loss-Prevention
  • Community Security
  • Special Events
  • Private Bodyguards and Escorts
  • CCTV Camera Monitoring and Installation
  • Access Control System24-Hour Dispatch
  • Alarm Response
  • Power-to-Arrest Training and Guard Licensing Certification Classes
  • Guard Tour Management Systems
  • GPS Tracking
  • And more…

A1 Protective Services specializes in providing high-quality armed and unarmed security services.